Regulations for the transfer of donations and the provision of electronic services via the portal


The terms used in these regulations mean:

  1. Portal – Internet portal, i.e. a website with all its functionalities.
  2. Ziarnko Maku – Service Provider within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services, i.e. the Foundation for Supporting Ideas of Maria Montessori in Krakow, ul. Fr. StefanaPawlickiego 1, 30-320 Kraków, NIP 9452168725, providing electronic services via the Portal, as well as accepting donations using the services of the financial services intermediary PayU S.A., PayPro S.A.
  3. Regulations – these regulations, i.e. the document you are reading right now.
  4. User – a natural person who uses the services offered through the portal or makes a donation through it using the services of a Financial Services Intermediary (after making a Donation, referred to as the “Donor”).
  5. Financial services intermediary – PayU S.A., PayPro S.A.
  6. Donation – funds donated by the User for the statutory purposes of the Foundation for Supporting the Ideas of Maria Montessori in Krakow.
  7. Donor – a User who made a Donation.

[General provisions]

  1. The portal is used to collect funds for the purposes of Ziarnko Maku and to communicate with Donors and other Users.
  2. Before using the Portal, the User is obliged to read the regulations and the privacy policy, and using the Portal is tantamount to accepting the content of the regulations and the privacy policy.
  3. The User is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Regulations and the privacy policy. Ziarnko Maku has the right to delete the User’s account and terminate the contract with him for the provision of electronic services (understood as providing access to the use of the Portal) in the event of violation of the provisions of the regulations.


  1. By transferring funds, the User makes a donation, i.e. a legal act regulated in art. 888 of the Civil Code. This agreement consists in transferring the User’s assets to the recipient under the title of donation.
  2. Making a transfer of funds results in the fulfillment of the conditions of art. 890 §1 sentence second of the Civil Code, which means that regardless of the failure to comply with the written form, the donation is valid and effective.

[Technical conditions of using the Portal]

For the effective provision of services via the Portal, the User should meet the following requirements:

  1. Possession of a device enabling access to the Internet;
  2. Internet access;
  3. Using a web browser with settings that enable the correct display of the website and accepting cookies;
  4. having an active e-mail address.

If there are fees associated with meeting the technical requirements referred to in the preceding paragraph, they are charged to the User.

[Conclusion of a contract for the provision of electronic services]

  1. The agreement is concluded when you start using the functionality of the Portal.
  2. In order to perform the contract, it may be necessary for the User to have an account on the website of the Financial Services Intermediary.
  3. The conclusion of the contract is voluntary.
  4. Through the Portal and on the basis of these regulations, Ziarnko Maku provides a service that consists in enabling – with the use of a Financial Services Intermediary – donations for the purpose of Ziarnko Maku and tracking the progress of the collection, as well as sending a newsletter and providing marketing content, if the User has consented to it.
  5. Ziarnko Maku does not charge commissions or additional fees from Users.


Ziarnko Maku warns against the threats associated with the provision of electronic services, unfortunately, attacks on this type of portals are increasingly used in Internet crime. Ziarnko Maku will make every effort to protect Users against such attacks, however, it calls for caution, common sense and asks for reporting any suspicions regarding the security of the services provided.

[Personal data protection]

  1. The administrator of Users’ personal data is Ziarnko Maku.
  2. Regulations regarding the processing of personal data, Users’ rights, the scope and purpose of processing and other issues related to personal data are contained in the document “Privacy Policy”, which is made available to Users simultaneously with these regulations, and with regard to the matter regulated therein, it is an integral part of these regulations.


  1. The user has the right to submit a complaint at the following e-mail address:
  2. No later than within 14 days, Ziarnko Maku will refer to the complaint, responding to the address from which the complaint was sent.

[Changes to the Regulations]

  1. Poppy seed has the right to make changes to the regulations.
  2. Users will be informed about changes to the regulations at least 14 days before the changes are introduced by posting a message on the Portal.

[Final Provisions]

  1. The Regulations are valid from the date of its announcement on the Portal, subject to §9.
  2. The Regulations are to ensure harmonious cooperation between the Users and the Ziarnko Maku, therefore each User has the right to submit comments and questions to the e-mail address referred to in §1.
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