We are crazy with a head full of dreams and we collect 5 million. PLN for the construction of C.E.D.R.U. you already know, and now a grain of truth about who does what and who likes what 😊

Agnieszka Górecka

The president of the Foundation and the first cause of the commotion. It has been thriving in Zianek for over 10 years. He deeply believes in the success of building CEDR. As she says, this project is very “prayed”. We’ve also been given a beautiful one word from the Book of Haggai – that we are to work, and the Lord, to whom gold and silver belong, will move everything so that the necessary valuables will flow to us. He will also fill this house with his glory, and in the end he will give us peace.
Lover of mountains, travel and art.

Jarosław Goraj

Father full time. Both the entire collection campaign and 4 children. Impossible things he arranges on the spot and for miracles makes you wait a while. He dreams of CEDR and starting in the IRONMAN competition. He likes traveling, also those into the depths of himself.

Agnieszka Guzik

Second Aga. Vice-president of the Foundation and a co-founder of all the fuss. He fits everything down to the last BUTTON He is inspired by teamwork and dreams of education in which children can genuinely develop and teachers are high-class specialists. She believes that good returns to whomever it comes from. She gets emotional in films where love wins!

Dariusz Nizio

Yes simply DD – Director Darek. He says that he is one of the students at school. This place teaches him openness, respect for the fundamental truth about the greatness of man – everyone. It also gives the experience of God’s care and strictness cooperation of His grace and human effort. Privately, a happy husband of a Patient Wife and father of Princess and Three Musketeers.

School Crew

A team for everything. Always helpful, always ready, always contagious with a good smile in a word and offer a helping hand. Individualists, full of passion with huge amounts of good energy.

Paweł Mironowicz

The headmaster of the high school, the only one from the “board” who knows how to use time most effectively in the place that is being created – a PE teacher by profession. He dreams of a school that teaches life and of the moment when he is the first to throw an accurate throw into the basket in the CEDR hall. Medalist of the World and European Championships in field shooting. A man of many passions, from cheesemaking through carpentry to model making.

Janina Goraj

An unfulfilled house manager, an outstanding specialist in finding holes in everything and missing commas. Culinary madwoman – her St. Martin croissants deserve Michelin stars. She never refuses coffee and fudge.

Urszula Cieluch

 A fundraiser for special tasks and a detailer like no other! She loves walks at sunset and in the evenings sings fairy tales to his daughter. Runmageddon is not scary for her. She dreams of a singing career

Magdalena Job

Fundraiser and grain web master. An unframed optimist with an eternal banana on her face, even if it’s made of fruit prefers figs. Freshly baked mom. He dreams of his own photographic atelier. Long walks with her dog is a daily ritual.

Tomasz Goraj

Fundraisers and social media ninjas. During the day, he spreads the news about the #grain action to the world, and after hours he is passionate about road cycling and competition. He’ll buy his heart with the countless amount of pizza he makes will consume without limits. He dreams of you helping him build CEDR.

Your first and last name

What do you dream about and what do you like?

Rafał Barnaś

Our private Digital Picasso who decided to become a volunteer. His palette of creating skills is vast. He dreams of more frequent meetings with the piano and music and film creativity

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