We want to help overcome limitations.

The aim of the action is to raise funds for the construction and equipment of the Center for Education, Diagnosis and Development.

We build in stages:


Raw state closed:
a) demolition works
b) reinforced concrete works
c) extension of the staircase
d) installation of windows and entrance doors
e) execution of the facade
costs: PLN 940,000.00
by when: Q3 2024


Installation works
a) electrical installations
b) electrical installations
c) gas installation
d) boiler room
e) ventilation installations
costs: PLN 1,600,000.00
by when: Q2 2025


Execution of plasters and screeds
Installation of aluminum joinery
costs: PLN 760,000.00
by when: Q4 2025


Finishing works
a) floors
b) walls
c) internal joinery
d) electrical equipment
costs: PLN 1,250,000.00
by when: Q2 2026


a) furniture
b) fittings for bathrooms and cloakrooms
c) ffice and study equipment
costs: PLN 450,000.00
by when: Q4 2026

CEDAR. This is a place where, based on the school environment, comprehensive help from specialists will be possible. This is the space where we watch on the child’s development while working with the whole family.

Our goal

Completion of the construction of the building.
Launching C.E.D.R. – u

For whom?

For the pupils of our schools.
For children and families looking for additional educational, developmental and sports activities.
For children and their families looking for a comprehensive diagnosis, help and rehabilitation.


Because we need a place where we can overcome limitations and bring out the young man’s potential.

And what exactly are we planning?

  1. In C.E.D.R, there will be offices in which it will be possible to:
    • Psychological assistance in the field of diagnosis of dysfunctions and special educational needs,
    • Psychotherapy of parents and children,
    • Support of a speech therapist and neuro logopedist for children with speech impediments, reading difficulties and stuttering,
    • Sociotherapy and social skills training for children with difficulties in functioning in a group,
    • Therapy and exercises to help restore hand-eye coordination
    • Consultation with a dietician
    • Medical consultation of such specialists as: pediatrician, neurologist, child psychiatrist,
    • Physical rehabilitation,
    • Sensory integration.
  2. We will build a gym – a zone of movement and physical development helping to improve motor skills in children with a disorder body motility and postural defects, disabilities and a place where school children can have physical education classes.
  3. We will open cafes with delicious homemade cake, aromatic coffee and a good book – we will take care of both the palate and we will relax your mind. We will make the waiting time for carers more pleasant children during their activities and we will create a space for building relationships, inspiring conversations and an exchange platform experiences😊


We collect #grain and build C.E.D.R. – support our work!

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Grain to grain

Join us – together collecting grain for grain we will build C.E.D.R.

Let’s fulfill the dreams of families about a place where they will face development challenges.

The purpose of the collection at this stage is to achieve a closed shell, and the necessary works to be performed are: demolition works, reinforced concrete works, staircase, installation of windows and entrance doors, and execution of the façade.

Currently, we need PLN 940,000.00

Currently paid:

Thanks to donors, we have already collected
PLN 146 056 out of PLN 940 000

Thanks to people like you,
goodness spreads to the world!