Center for Education, Diagnosis and Development


Center for Education, Diagnosis and Development


Center for Education, Diagnosis and Development

It is simply a Center for Education, Diagnosis and Development. We create the place where we  can support our pupils comprehensively, i.e. nourish intellectually and socially.

We want to take care of whole families, comprehensively according to individual needs. Wide scope of activities will also be addressed to families of children with
disabilities that are still often left behind or rely on inconsistent help.

C.E.D.R. is a place where in an association with the school environment comprehensive help of specialists will be provided. It’s a space where we watch over the child’s development at the same time as well as the whole family.

We are different and it’s showing. We have different needs and development challenges.

Who we are?

Supposedly madmen with a head that makes dreams come true, but in fact  a well-coordinated team installed in order to carry out their plans, who managed to collect PLN 5 million.

We are guided by the mission of raising help for all families, which through support, support from teachers,doctors and specialists will result in harmonious human development.

A Grain of History

We are the Krakow Foundation for Supporting the Ideas of Maria Montessori “POPPY SEED” established in 2012. Our goal is to create good education, raise children and youth in the spirit of Christian values and support families in their development.The inspiration for the foundation of the Foundation was for us the deeply humanistic thought of Maria Montessori, in which we were delighted as well as perceiving education as a fascinating adventure.

Former Foundation launched the Montessori Primary School and Junior High School, as well as the first Montessori High School in Poland. We believe that with people of good will we will soon achieve another goal of the Foundation: C.E.D.R.

We build

That is why since 2016 we have been building C.E.D.R. The ecological and energy-saving building will house a gym, workshop space and offices therapy and a cafe.Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the building is in a closed shell. We renovated the roof, we prepared a parking lot, and we have all the  necessary projects..

We divided the work into stages. Another one is ahead of us, related to reinforced concrete works, masonry works and window joinery.
The cost of these works is PLN 940,000.

Our goal

Completion of the construction of the building.
Launching C.E.D.R. – u

For whom?

For the pupils of our schools.
For children and families looking for additional educational, developmental and sports activities.
For children and their families looking for a comprehensive diagnosis, help and rehabilitation.


Because we need a place where we can overcome limitations and bring out the young man’s potential.

Grain to grain

Join us – together collecting grain for grain we will build C.E.D.R.

Let’s fulfill the dreams of families about a place where they will face development challenges.

The purpose of the collection at this stage is to achieve a closed shell, and the necessary works to be performed are: demolition works, reinforced concrete works, staircase, installation of windows and entrance doors, and execution of the façade.

Currently, we need PLN 940,000.00

Currently paid:

Thanks to donors, we have already collected
PLN 146 056 out of PLN 940 000

Thanks to people like you,
goodness spreads to the world!

Become a donor

To support our initiative, you can make an online transfer. All you have to do is fill in the appropriate fields of the form below and click the button “Donate.” Then you will be transferred to online payments.

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Foundation for Supporting the Ideas of Maria Montessori POPPY SEED
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Our donors

Name Amount City Date
Anonymous Donor PLN 10.00 Kraków 02-12-2023
Anonymous Donor PLN 10.00 Kraków 02-12-2023
Anonymous Donor PLN 100.00 Warszawa 30-11-2023
Barbara PLN 100.00 Kraków 30-11-2023
Anonymous Donor PLN 50.00 Kraków 30-11-2023


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How else
you can help?


Come mow the grass or clean up on the construction site. You can also get involved in our actions fundraising. This is specific, much-needed help, and you will see the effect of your actions immediately!

Purchase and deliver the material that is currently on the needs list. This way you will be forever a fragment of walls literally or figuratively

Bless us, bless the construction and the idea behind it. Pray for generous payments from Donors that will allow us to open C.E.D.R.


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    Foundation for Supporting the Ideas of Maria Montessori POPPY SEED
    Ul. Ks. Stefana Pawlickiego 1
    30-320 Kraków 

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